7 Times You Should Rent One of Our Dumpsters [infographic]

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When you think about renting a dumpster, you may think that dumpster rentals are only for large construction projects handled by professionals. However, there are tons of different life situations that would make renting a dumpster from us at Camel City Roll Offs a great idea.

7 Times You Should Rent One of Our Dumpsters [infographic]

1.   You’re spring cleaning—Whether you’re “spring” cleaning in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, having a dumpster rental makes it easy to discard different items and materials you don’t want as you declutter.

2.   You’re cleaning out the garage—After cleaning out your garage, all those unused materials, trash, and extra parts need somewhere to go. Rent a dumpster, and you can easily get all that excess stuff out of your garage!

3.   You’re holding an event—Whether you’re hosting an upcoming block party or holding a wedding in your backyard, a dumpster rental ensures you have plenty of space for all the waste created by disposable napkins, plates, cups, etc.

4.   You have waste that can’t go in the trash—Your local garbage collector may not take everything. Whether you have excess renovation materials or extra junk from cleaning out your home office, a dumpster rental gives you more flexibility.

5.   You’re doing a minor renovation—Even the smallest renovation projects can produce a ton of waste! Don’t let extra materials and waste pile up throughout your project – easily get rid of them with a dumpster rental.

6.   You’re cleaning up after a storm—A period of inclement weather can leave extra tree branches, plants, dirt, and other yard debris piled up throughout your yard. Streamline your cleanup project by renting a dumpster.

7.   You’re moving out—It’s amazing what you find hiding in your house when you pack and get ready to move. Save yourself time and hassle as you move out by dumping unwanted items you can’t donate into one of our dumpster rentals.