Neighborhood Cleanups Made Easy with
Residential Dumpster Rentals

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There are multiple times each year that many of us are out in the yard, clearing up leaves, weeds, or clearing out dead plants. There are also times when you need to clear out the garage and de-junk your house. As you start to clear away the mess, your trash bins begin to fill up long before the work is done and you’re left collecting bags in piles on the side of the house. You can then wait for your weekly garbage day to unload a bit at a time, or you can load it all in a truck, if you have access to one, and haul it off to a landfill. However, here at Camel City Roll Offs, we have an even better solution. We offer residential dumpster rentals. We offer a flat rate for our rentals, including drop off, seven days of dumpster use, pick-up and dumping the waste.

Neighborhood Cleanups Made Easy with Residential Dumpster Rentals

One of the great options for our residential dumpster rentals is sharing the bin with your neighborhood. This can be a great benefit as you can help share the cost, and it can also serve as an opportunity to get friends and neighbors out grooming and beautifying their homes.

Here are a few ideas for reaching out to neighbors to help organize a neighborhood cleanup:

  • Write a post on a neighborhood Facebook page informing everyone about the residential dumpster rental, including dates and other pertinent information.
  • Make an old-fashioned flyer for those who may not see the social media post.
  • Contact local scout troops or other organizations to gather volunteers for helping elderly or physically limited neighbors.
  • Organize a refreshment table or a post-cleanup potluck.

With a little bit of effort, you will likely find that many people are happy to have a chance to remove their unwanted belongings and clean up their yards. To learn more about our residential dumpster rentals, give us a call at Camel City Roll Offs.