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Our skid steer services are handled by skilled and experienced technicians.

A skid steer is a versatile, small piece of construction equipment that is often used for digging, although it can be used for a number of other tasks as well. This piece of equipment features an arm that can be attached to various tools to tackle construction, landscaping, and maintenance tasks. At Camel City Roll Offs, we offer skid steer services that allow customers in and near King, North Carolina to take advantage of the benefits of a skid steer. We can bring this piece of equipment to your property to handle various tasks, whether you’re planning a renovation, doing a construction project, or working on your landscaping.

Skid Steer Services in King, North Carolina

Like all the other services we provide, our skid steer services are handled by skilled and experienced technicians. You can always count on those who are operating the skid steer, as they are trained in the proper usage of this piece of construction equipment. We can also talk to you about the various ways we can provide skid steer services on your property, whether we’re digging a trench for drainage purposes, excavating the ground, or assisting with a landscaping project.

The skid steer we have at Camel City Roll Offs is perfect for residential jobs and smaller sites that have less available space. We can also use it to move dirt, handle grading projects, create banks and other land features, and clear the snow during the winter months. Our skid steer is a New Holland I228, which is a high-quality piece of equipment that is up for just about any job.


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